California Electric Homes Program

The California Electric Homes Program provides technical assistance and financial incentives to residential developers and builders constructing new, market-rate homes with all-electric appliances and equipment. The program supports all-electric new construction practices, drives energy savings, and supports California’s advanced energy efficiency policy goals.

Funded by the California Energy Commission, Electric Homes Program incentives are available statewide for all-electric residential new construction projects of the following building types:

Single family

Including duplexes, triplexes, townhomes, and ADUs


Including low-rise,  
high-rise, and condominiums

Working designs-03

Manufactured homes



The Electric Homes program will incentivize all-electric residential new construction and energy storage measures to reduce construction costs. Our team can help participants to maximize funding by layering additional statewide and local program incentives.


The Electric Homes program requires all participating projects to have 100% all-electric residential spaces, including residential common areas. The program requires participating projects to install heat pump space and water heating, induction cooking, thermostatic-mixing valves, segregated circuits, and smart thermostats. 

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